Wish Lists

Our teachers and staff invest in our children every day and do their best to stretch their budgets and resources to creatively and effectively deliver memorable lessons. We ask them to keep lists of dwindling supplies, as well as "wish list" items, which would enhance the classroom experience.  

If you are feeling generous and would love to gift something, check out these lists below. This is also a great way to make a contribution that directly impacts your child's class. We'll be continually updating these lists, so check back often. 


Senora Avila
Senorita Cabarcas
Mrs. Jordan
Mrs. McAndrew
Senorita Valverde
Senora Vargas

1st Grade
Senora Aldunate
Mr. Hartzell
Mrs. Baer
Mrs. Morris
Senora Parker
Mrs. Hollar

2nd Grade
Senora Gonzalez
Mrs. Hudson
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Murray
Senora Pasuy
Mrs. Vallerio
Mrs. Wilson

3rd Grade
Mrs. Boone
Mrs. Harris
Mrs. Lada
Mrs. Ledford
Senor Mena
Mrs. Seabolt

4th Grade
Mrs. Arledge
Mrs. Buote
Mrs. Gaylor
Mrs. Hampton
Mrs. Orr
Senora Ratti

5th Grade
Mrs. Cagle - Wish List
Mrs. Crafton
Mrs. Crees - Wish List
Mrs. Dunker - Wish List
Senor Escorcia

Mrs. Sechler (Art)
Mr. Xiong (Music)
Ms. Funk (STEM)
Ms. Brown (Media)
Mrs. Jeter (PE)
Mr. Greene (PE)



Reoccurring Needed Supplies